I specialize in mobile UX Design

Hi, I’m Rob and this is my site. I am a UX Interaction/Interface/Visual Product Designer specializing in mobile experiences. I have experience with iOS, Android and mobile web. I'm a proponent of research based, data driven, user centric methodologies. I'm a huge usability nerd, Material Design advocate, Musician, and Father. I am currently considering freelance opportunities, so take a look at my work, grab my resume, or get in touch.

Download Resume Served With Honor HTML5 Powered with CSS3 / Styling, and Semantics


Design Im in the process of updating my portfolio. In the meantime, checkout examples of some of my recent work.


Upcoming Lollipop Release and Material Design Update
74 screens, hi-fi click/swipe through of each screen only. Not interactive
FAB Interaction
7" Tablet Portrait
7" Tablet Landscape
9" Tablet Portrait
9" Tablet Landscape
Old Android Design in Google Play
Soon to be replaced with new version above

Mobile Website

Checkout Flow - Accordion Concept
41 screens, hi-fi click/swipe through of each screen only. Not interactive
Checkout Flow - Wizard Concept
(hi-fi, low-functioning interactive prototype
Checkout Flow Wireframes
31 screens, lo-fi click/swipe through of each screen only. Not interactive
Navigation Drawer
hi-fi interactive prototype
Filter & Sort
hi-fi interactive prototype
New Home Page, Nav Drawer, Header & Footer
Live In Production


Old iPhone and iPad app Designs from 2012/13


Friday Nights Rock My current music project

Every Friday night I make some noise with the band. We share a passion for music and the creative process. I’ve been playing drums since I was a kid, and it never gets old. Jeff, Chuck, and I form the trio “Watch the Shallow”. We try not to take ourselves too seriously, but always have serious fun. Here are a few sample songs we recorded in my basement. If it involves computers and music, you can bet I’m into it. Oh... I put together the band logo(s) as well.


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